Being a Good Neighbor

2020-03-03T15:22:15+00:00March 2nd, 2020|Blog, Cannabis News|
Haverhill Beautification

After successfully completing all the preliminary requirements, CNA Stores was approved for a special permit in the city of Haverhill in July 2019. To meet one of those requirements, CNA Stores had leased a suitable unit in an older plaza that had previously been home to Giovanni’s, Industrial Kitchen Providers, Axis Kitchen Design, and the Mercedes Baseball Academy.  After the 29-day appeals period, CNA began the work of beautifying the plaza.

Older Google Earth and street view images show a blue and yellow building with a “standout” at the Axis storefront, a taller square roofline, and square pillars.  Using the Axis section as a focal point, the blue and yellow siding was replaced with an attractive two-tone stucco façade. The building owner’s storefront (Axis Kitchen) is highlighted with a dark gray stucco and the building’s wings are finished in a lighter shade.  A beautiful crown molding and marble base accent the Axis section.  Multi-colored awnings were replaced with a black awning which extends across the front of the building.  The result is a stylish black and gray plaza.

The neighborhood has had a problem with illicit drug dealing for years.  Dealers and buyers have made their transactions quickly, making it difficult to identify and catch them.  Neighbors and the city asked if CNA Stores could help by placing security cameras in a way that would capture activity in and around the plaza.  The Haverhill Police Department will have 24-hour access to the store’s security feed, enabling them to continuously monitor the area.  Residents will have peace of mind because of the improved protection for their neighborhood.

CNA is dedicated to serving its host communities through community service projects, charitable giving, and upgrading and enhancing our surroundings.

Stay tuned for updates as CNA Stores continues to grow.