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Amesbury MA 

CNA is proud to call Amesbury MA. its home. Both the cannabis cultivation center and one of our three cannabis retail location’s will be based in our home city. Many of us here at CNA call Amesbury home as individuals. We have raised our families here and are known for our volunteer activities throughout the city as individuals and now we combine those efforts together with in CNA culture. We have served the city in many ways and are now proud to serve the cannabis community which will also provide benefits to the city of Amesbury. CNA hosts a blog on our website to highlight the work we do within the cities we serve, the local jobs we create and the philanthropy work that we do. We will provide cannabis education and updates on scientific research as well as information about the quality of our products. We are excited for both CNA’s futere as well as Amesbury’s. We have more Amesbury news in the educational section of our website

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