Cannabis Careers

With CNA Stores

We at CNA Stores are always looking for those that have the skills, drive and attitude that will contribute to everybody’s success in this exciting and emerging industry. At CNA Stores, Inc., every person and position IS important. We strongly believe that each employee contributes directly to CNA’s growth and success, and we hope you feel the same pride we feel in being a member of the team.

We hope that you immediately connect with our core values: Quality, Community and a commitment to the Veteran community. Our company’s goals are to provide quality, professionalism, and to maintain ethical practices that support the Massachusetts communities that we serve. We are dedicated to our local communities as well as the overall cannabis community. We are committed to hiring local veterans and to providing some workplace peace to those who have served as well as local folks with in the communities we serve. All are welcome.

Please feel free to email us your resume to

We look forward to hearing from you.

Local Cannabis serving local communities

CNA Stores is proud to serve the communities we are entrusted in. We take that trust seriously, and dedicate ourselves to providing superior service, product and diligence to our communities needs.